Promoting a Cause

A big banner posted besides you

A T Shirt with the purpose

You are in 2 wheeler or a car.. just keep driving with the same.. and ensure you stop at strategic locations and have cold drink in local joint.. and have interactions with common man for their purpose…

This vehicle is being followed by another vehicle with a camera shooting the event… and check the miracle

“In this world CAMERA plays an important role. People get enamored by shootings and crowd begins gathering without a fuss’

Who said a cause awareness needs huge fund…

Banner costs US$200

2 T-shirts       US$100

CAB Costs for hire 1 day (2 Cabs) =  US$500

Camera hire  US$250

Your sweat equity = US$100 per day x 2 resource

If you have your own vehicles and camera, you are spending only US$300 and what you get in return, an assured response of over 5000 odd people..    reach cost= 300/5000  .06 cents???????

So next time you wish to launch something do check on this experiment too..

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