Flunked Love

Nancy “I will slap you if you ever follow me”

Jose “Whatsoever you will do.. it will increase our communication”

Nancy “Jose.. since 5 years you are following me.. why?”

Jose “Because I firmly believe you are made for me only”

Nancy “Jose.. but i don’t love you”

Jose “It is my flunked love.. I need to pass this exam”

Nancy “Am going of to Europe for further studies.. good bye”

50 years latter

Nancy “Hey.. can i see if i can get to see Jose Richmond in Linked In or Face book.. He was crazy about me?’

Nancy’s grand daughter Julie “Grand ma.. you are 65.. he too may or may not be alive.. why you remembered him?”

Nancy ‘Facebook.. i believe it can unite people”

Julie “Crazy ma… ok let me search”

Julie ‘So many Jose Richmond.. let me see photos….”

Julie ‘Hey grand ma..  here is one old gentle man with tag ‘Flunked Love..and one photo”

Nancy ‘Hey ..surely he is.. check his photo graphs”

Julie “who is this girl”

Nancy blushes “He was so much in love with me.. I feel like talking to him”

Julie “Grand Ma.. at this age?”

Nancy “I feel I should pass him now”

Julie begins giggling

Nancy “Julie.. sometimes we never understand true love.. we mistake that”

One week latter

Nancy “Did you recognize me ?”

Jose “Nancy..how much I missed you… thanks to Julie”

Jose “Are you married?”

Nancy “You stupid.. she is my granddaughter”

Jose “Am still single.. hence asked you.. can we stay together for at least few years now”

Nancy “I decided to pass you this time”


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