Emotional Fools

Troy is a modern day philosopher cum serial entrepreneurs who believes the world has more fools then intelligent or wise people.. He decides to conduct a survey of all entrepreneurs in universe..  From US to Fiji, each entrepreneur is asked a few questions.. Sample questions as below

1) Did you ever get fooled in life?

2) Who fooled you? friends, relatives, employees, beloved?

Takes help of survey groups and captures data…

Troy ‘Susan.. this survey will reveal the truth’

Susan ‘What is great deal about it… All tend to get fooled’

After a month, Troy gets 500 responses and as his questions are LIKERT based, he begins analyzing and finds most of individuals get fooled knowingly rather then unknowingly if it is linked to their friends, relatives or beloved

An individual tends to get fooled by employees unknowingly..

Susan “Any remedies?”

Troy “Don’t get carried away if someone is expecting something or the other in return of little love, care, affection, friendship or food given to you.. You can return back the same in small packages too.. Don’t go overboard.. ”

Susan ‘Doesn’t a wife expect her husband to take care of her life long and also manage daily maintenance”

Troy “If she demonstrates her affection, loyalty, sincerity and cares equally, she does need that fulfillment from her husband”

Susan ‘What if on other side, a husband demands from wife all attention, love, and even small money for his vices?”

Troy “Avoid giving money for his vices..  don’t succumb to that pressure.. else she will be ruined”

Susan “What about employees who keep demanding rise every time boss says ‘Excellent’?’

Troy ‘Small incentives like movie or treat.. Explain to your employee that he will be given an excellent career.. he will get global exposures but all this provided employee is working long term and contributes to company growth’

Susan ‘What about ones who mindlessly succumb to god?’

Troy ‘Let them succumb as in that too, they have brought in focus. But for masses to see those benefits, those people should also do something for the world..   as life is all about action and not only reaction’

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