Mid Life Crisis – tackle nation problem

Santa ‘I feel am going to go to Himalaya and retire’

Mint ‘Don’t.. it is shaking there.. Earthquakes’

Santa ‘I have just got a pink slip and my wife has already declared she wants to go on a holiday trip with her friends’

Mint ‘How?’

Santa ‘With my saved money dear.. She just doesn’t know to manage finance and above all possessive’

Mint ‘why don’t you start a disaster recovery startup’

Santa ‘means?’

Mint ‘Go to Nepal and begin helping the victims and their family’

Santa ‘Is it possible? Let me attempt’

Mint ‘My prayers are with them.. You are fighting mid life crisis and over there entire nation is fighting all type of crisis..

Santa ‘What can be done to help them out?’

Mint ‘I feel all countries should create job opportunities for them.. India can do, US, Europe, Russia, China, Middle East’

Santa ‘Above 10000 victims, may be around 3000-4000 job employments?’

Mint ‘Absolutely’

Santa ‘and these candidates donate 15% of their earnings to Nation Welfare?’

Mint ‘Obviously’

Santa ‘On average US$500 average salary per month per resource =  US$75 x 4000 = US$300000 per month

Mint ‘yes’

Santa ‘but that nation needs minimum US$50M to get going,  here i generage max US$3.5M’

Mint ‘Let social entrepreneurship fund houses invest minimum US$10M for creating entrepreneurs out there’

Santa ‘so?’

Mint ‘i will prepare list of all mid life crisis professionals in NGO sector with good network and we build around 50 social entrepreneurs out there’

Santa ‘this is ridiculous.. who will risk this?’

Mint ‘Call those 50 Nepal entrepreneurs to Hong Kong and we target aggressive promotion ‘

Santa ‘for?’

Santa ‘Do you feel this is possible?’

Mint ‘even if 5 projects click in 9 months time and each get around 1M$ fund, it means 50 entrepreneurship projects in Nepal leading to around min 150-200 employment opportunities plus these guys will be trained for service logistic sector ‘

Santa ‘excellent idea..’

Mint ‘where there is way there is success’

Santa ‘Is this a dream?’

Mint ‘not so.. we are awake’

Santa ‘My wife’s call..’

Mint ‘what she says?’

Santa ‘She wants to visit Himalaya with her friends’

Mint ‘Make her an entrepreneur too..  she is good in geology.. let her study the fractures and lineaments and do some predictive models’

Santa ‘wow sounds exciting’

Mint ‘Mid life crisis can be solved only if individuals take challenges and exciting roles to solve a real problem and not cosy airconditioned office problems’

Santa begins laughing..

Santa ‘I agree’

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