Secret Message

Lover ‘Love is an imbalanced equation where either parties feel it needs to be more from other person’s perspective’

Business Man ‘Why do VC put so many terms in their term sheets which i anyways sign but does it really bother me? I can start a new idea anytime i get funded.. ‘

VC ‘dare the business man does that.. I will find a new CEO and replace the founder’

Lover ‘but in love we never leave a person so ruthlessly’

VC sighs ‘We are no in love with those businesses. the business man is. so leaving the business is purely for commercial reasons..

Lover ‘so we should not be true lover ever?’

VC ‘that is the secret message.. love self first and then all will begin loving you’

Lover ‘really sad the way you think..  I always wanted to love others’

VC ‘I too love all my incubates but then finally at end of all this, what is important is an entrepreneur zeal to make me happy’

Lover ‘means you want an imbalanced reciprocated love’

VC ‘love and money cannot be compared.. this is another secret message for you’

Lover ‘what are we discussing then?’

VC ‘you came into this debate in this TV show, the organizer got business man and I am also part of show.. It is a debate’

Business Man who is silent all this while blurts

“Love is unconditional. Business is conditional.. This is our secret message to each other but unfortunately we make business out of love hence it becomes conditional;

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