Sandra is in love with her 100 shoes…

She always ensures she puts a new shoe when she visits work..

One day her boss Joseph asks a question..

Joseph ‘How does shoes make an impact in someone’s life?’

Sandra pauses…

She recollects her old grandma who would walk in farms bare footed and with blisters make food for her family in Philippines.

Joseph ‘you got silent’

Sandra ‘Joseph, i love Shoes because i feel feet should be clean and look good and the more you use the same slippers or shoe for days, somehow the smell of shoes stay back..’

Joseph ‘It is crazy thought.. no correlation’

Sandra ‘I actually have a shoe manufacturing unit in Philippines and send them photos ‘

Joseph smiles..

Joseph ‘there you are.. now i know the mystery of those 100 shoes. imitation thrusts right?’

Sandra ‘Am having low cost shoes manufactured.. plan to export them soon’

Joseph ‘so why you are in Job?

Sandra ‘investor to my country entrepreneurs.. so need to work right?’

Joseph ‘good going’

Sandra ‘There is a saying offshore costs per hour = costs of slippers’

Joseph begins laughing

Sandra ‘Shoes protect feet from blisters same way.. shoes are needed every 3-4 months, so good revenue’

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