Circles of Life

Morris is a sports person whose only mission is to teach individuals ‘CIRCLES OF LIFE’ a new sports..

Morris’s wife Jennie has seen Morris have his own share of frustrations when politically he would be out of sports because of aggressive outbursts..

His daughter Ziyu is sweet person who loves everything but sports…

Morris ‘This whole concept came out of a realization that life is a circle… we cry when we come to earth, we again feel bad when we go up.. and in between we experience child hood again when we are old’

Ziyu ‘Dad what is the game all about?’

Morris ‘It can be played by a family of two or four and largely for adults only’

Ziyu ‘how?’

Morris ‘Day 1  any family member decides to be child. some member with be ‘youth’, third member will be ‘middle age’ and fourth member will act like ‘old person’

Ziyu ‘interesting’

Morris ‘this will be for 1 whole week’

next week ‘individuals will change their role’.

That way in 4 weeks ‘each individual will experience full life’

Ziyu ‘what will be their responsibilities’

Morris ‘child will be demanding.. will get what he or she wants’

‘youth will have freedom to go for picnic, date etc but will need to own full responsibility of money matters for that week’

‘middle age person will need to ensure all demands of old age person met..  need to manage the old person.. need to manage house hold chores’

‘old person will be demanding too.. but will not get what he or she wants easily.. old person will need to ensure child gets everything and learn to share with the child and also keep a close tab on youth’s whereabout ‘

Ziyu ‘I love this game.. but who will win?’

Morris ‘we will have each individual give score on 1 to 5 (poor, average, good, very good, excellent’ and rate the family member at end of game..

Ziyu ‘the best score wins the game?’

Morris ‘yes’

Jennie ‘your father is absolute crazy.. he can conceive games and is partially also carried away by PASSION FRAMEWORK’

Ziyu ‘what is that?’

Jennie ‘Probing and Innovation..  it keeps challenging minds of individuals’

Ziyu ‘wow.. let us play this game and it can be expanded in companies too’

Morris ‘absolutely’

Ziyu ‘i will explain my HR to meet you’

Morris ‘cool.. we can start a venture around this game too’

Ziyu ‘dad don’t get carried away.. let us test in our house’

Ziyu ‘i become old person.. you become child and mother ‘youth’

Morris begins smiling and hugs Ziyu

Morris ‘dear child.. i know you love me very much’

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