Here are few of the unreasonable events in our life

1) Love at first sight

2) Hate at first sight

3) Valuation of business having only huge traffic but no other business model.

4) Valuation on basis of some proven track record of success

5) No education – build your empire yourself.. we will respect you after that.

6) Educated from best schools – give us our price else we will exit

7) Want to check your health – Insure first, don’t worry about the bills. Insurance company will take care of it’

8) Mass advertisements all over – relax.. we are paying.. so what if it consumes huge electricity

9) I voted a politician and funded that person so now I need maximum benefit

10) If in trouble, god has to help me.. how can god help all and not help me

11) Now am invested, first i need to look for my sustenance and then grow others

12) Now that am in profit, let me purchase a huge sky scraper.. we can always stop employee appraisals

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