A thread

Jack and Jill played with a thread…

Jack ‘Jill if we keep stretching it the thread will break’

Jill ‘Hence we need to be close to each other so that thread is not stretched and it is comfortable too

Jack comes closer to Jill

the thread is now a bit relaxed..

Jill ‘if we both can understand this logic why do negotiations always get so stretched, why do two parties always want to have slight edge over other.. why 60-40, 70-30, 80-20, 90-10, 99-1 models work and not 50-50’

Jack hugs Jill

Jack ‘Jill we have grown up now.. in our child hood so many popular rhymes came in our name.. remember I had got hurt and you nursed me.. and your parents were so annoyed with us’

Jill ‘yes..  50-50 partnership used to exist a decade back too.. but these days.. it happens only in US restaurants when a few folks split their lunch bills. ‘

Jack ‘are we not 50-50 partners’

Jill ‘of course.. we are 100 percent together and 0 percent separated and let mathematicians, students, family members keep checking out what numbers exist in between.. deviating from thread now’

Jack ‘we will ensure this thread is never broken.. no stretched emotions, no stretched discussions or arguments.. success for relation building.. be flexible’

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