Get out

Sarah never knew these words would sound so sweet ‘Get out Get out from here’

She was harassed by her boy friend for money. Her boss kept humiliating and she decided to start a venture with her friend Lara only to find even Lara asking her to get out..

What is getting out?

Is it from life, heart, system or from that environment…

Sarah is sad and is walking besides sea shores when she see’s Tom throwing pebbles in Sea and shrieking ‘Get out Get out from here’

Sarah ‘why you shrieking?’

Tom ‘To ward out the evil force who try to capture me’

Sarah ‘Are you psychic?’

Tom ‘In this world.. whoever says get out is psychic in a way’

Sarah begins laughing at this odd answer

Sarah ‘Can we gulp juice.. I want to chat with you?’

Tom who is tired, haggard old guy.. agrees

Tom ‘There is a story of freedom fighters who kept saying get out get out of our country and…’

Sarah ‘and only to realize without them.. would the country have developed.. Positive points too needs to be seen’

Tom ‘and those oppression and one day i lost my mom when shrieked Get Out at an Army Man in Vietnam’

Sarah ‘so acute frustration, suppression, oppression leads to anger or depression and people blurt get out ‘

Tom ‘also when arrogance comes in, over confidence, dare devil thought process sets in’

Sarah ‘So all bosses and boy friends are psychic’

Tom ‘Absolutely’

Sarah ‘Am i also psychic?’

Tom ‘yes.. hence you interacting with me.. ‘ and gulps some medicines for disorder

Sarah ‘why do we get hurt? why our eyes have tears when we face humiliation and defeat?’

Tom ‘because we are not hardened.. once we are.. we will also say ‘GET OUT’

Sarah smiles..

Sarah ‘means all hardened folks also psychic?’

Tom ‘psych I C’

Sarah ‘means?’

Tom ‘if you see my personality better, does it mean I am Mad?’

Sarah ‘No..’

Tom throws a stone in middle of road

Sarah ‘why you doing so?’

Tom ‘Am mad hence’

Sarah ‘Why you do that?’

Tom ‘what else can i do as i got duped by my friend and lost all money, property in business and he just said me ‘Get out’

Sarah ‘so sad’

Tom ‘she also said same.. I feel sad for you but need to do so as she began loving my other friend James’

Sarah ‘so..what is the moral?’

Tom ‘get out from here now else i will hurt you’

Sarah rushes back home and realizes that GET OUT WORD hurts us only because we feel bad.. Any abuse can become normal talk if told often.. so avoid abusing if we need to retain sensitivity else all abuse meaningless..

Sarah ‘next time if I abuse…. please remember i am insensitive else’

Sarah looks at mirror

She see’s her mom’s face

Mom ‘Get out Sarah if you plan to only making Abusing people your focus.. stop thinking negative and think positively’

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