Tomato Journey

Ram was a village bumpkin who loved to just be to self and one day his Aunt Soumya decides to call him in Maharashtra, India. She is returned from US but decides to stay in her big villa where tomatoes grow all over..

Soumya ‘Ram can you throw these tomatoes as it of no use’

Ram ‘Aunty.. so much…waste 200 kg of Tomatoes to be thrown’

Soumya smiles..

Soumya ‘Do you know in Punjab same story for Potatoes’

Ram ‘Why cannot we have tomatoe pickles made and you sell the same in US’

Soumya ‘Not so easy.. Food license, export norms.. a big headache’

Ram ‘If you have a couple of lacs, I can attempt’

Soumya ponders….

Soumya ‘Ok let me discuss with your cousin, my son Ramesh and if he is fine.. let us begin’

Soumya ‘Ramesh.. as you are in US, do you feel it makes sense to invest around 15000US$ for tomato processing plant’

Ramesh ‘Mom.. that good for nothing..guy.. you will loose’

Soumya ‘He is 34.. still single.. foot loose, let us support him’

Ramesh ‘your wish Mom.. i will not invest anything beyond 5

3 months latter

Ram ‘Aunt my cousins and my name is same.. but he is gone so ahead’

Aunt ‘What about tomatoes processing business’

Ram ‘Aunt.. preservation challenge exists…but still have begun with ketchups and nearby companies taking it..

I will give you 15000 INR tomorrow’

Aunty ‘why?’

Ram ‘I am considering this as loan repayment.. ‘

Aunt ‘but I thought i would be investor’

Ram ‘Aunty.. you will still remain investor.. i am giving you 50% of my profit rightaway’

Aunt ‘why.. don’t you re-invest in business’

Ram ‘you are wise.. save that.. for me.. I spend.. over spend..’

Aunt ‘Hope all entrepreneur realize.. each of them is a tomato.. soft, vulnerable,, anyone can punch them and take away the juice and also realize over spending is bad.. save money for hard days’

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