Who cares for a Smile?

Fernandez Madam, an old teacher looks at her students lovingly.. and says ‘I will tell you my story about how Smile can bring happiness as well as sorrows in one’s life’

Rose ‘Madam.. Sorrow?’

Fernandez remembers her husband Jose ‘Why did you smile? He is known to you?’

Jose slaps Fernandez on her face..

Rose ‘Madam.. tell me.. is infectious smile good or bad?’

Fernandez ‘Love and Smile go hands in hand.. I smiled the first time Lobo gave me a rose..’

Nancy ‘Lobo..?’

Fernandez ‘My college mate who was so crazy about my smile.. ‘

Rose ‘Madam.. you smile even now’

Fernandez ‘In life tears come naturally.. but we can put glycerin and bring in artificial ones too.. but a smile.. if it has to come.. it will come naturally.. forced smiles look forced smiles.. it never looks artificial..

Melissa ‘Madam.. do you feel any guy cares for a smile today?’

Fernandez pauses

Fernandez ‘these days people worry about materials, clothes, shoes.. and nice to have smile.. but a stern look is also welcome.. ‘

All begin giggling..

Fernandez ‘protect your smile.. capture it.. your lips and its curves.. god gave it to you.. This blog writer wishes all to be always smiling’

Rose ‘Madam.. a sad smile.. too at times creates wonders?’

Fernandez ‘Lobo returned back and he is waiting for me dear. I chose to be with him for few months.. My husband Jose is shocked.. but made my decision.. Finally the one who cares for my smile is the one I should be with’

All are silent

Fernandez ‘Girls… unfortunately in academics Smile is not a separate topic or subject.. So i decided to cover this in.. Hope you all don’t mind an occasional diversion’

Rose ‘of course Madam.. creativity in teaching needed.’

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