Am I falling in Love with something?


Heavy Heart beats




Thinking continuously about the entity

Want to be with the entity always”

Sarah ‘Common Derik you keep thinking on topics of love’

Derik ‘Sarah.. common someone can fall in love with their dream or venture too”

Sarah “But there is a way to say.. why all these terms”

Derik ‘going to pitch is like DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA’

Sarah ‘what is this now?’

Derik ‘I saw one bollywood movie which has this song and when probed realized DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA means heart is beating faster”

Sarah burst our laughing

Sarah ‘my die hard romantic buddy, reserve this romance for your beloved’

Derik ‘Aati kya khandala’

Sarah ‘what is this now’

Derik ‘In my previous visit, i heard one actor saying this to his girl friend. It means can you come to a tourist location’

Sarah blushes

Derik ‘Sarah.. blushes too happen during PITCH SESSIONS’

Sarah ‘when?’

Derik ‘when some investor says your project was the best and when a potential entrepreneur hug their beloved who shriek loudly and say ‘So sweet'”

Concept Note

If you have an idea to pitch to an accelerator or incubator, please begin preparing concept notes right away.

I can also help you.

Concept Notes needs to be very brief

  1. What is your Idea?
  2. How will it reach to target audience? Business Model?
  3. What technology / product are you planning?
  4. Cost of the product / technology development? with break up of each activity
  5. Cost of Marketing? with break up of each activity
  6. Price offered to end customer for product / service
  7. Top 5 Competitor Pricing / Feature list comparison
  8. Projection of cash flows (Revenue / Expenses per month) for a year
  9. Founder Profile
  10. Founder Reference

Finding Investor

Entrepreneru “Knock Knock Knock, Can I share my idea with you? Have reached million hits. Where are you?, Why you disinterested?””

Investor  “”Why me first, Am willing to be second”

Entrepreneur “Strange are the ways of life, when individuals prefer being second partners to individuals and not the first co founder’

Investor  “Boy.. In life when you have money, all wish to invest in you.. when you don’t need money, all will wish to invest in you.. but when you need money, you need to work hard dear and be in news, bring in news, do whatsoever to build your brand and once you are successful, am there with you for ever”

Entrepreneur :”Who can invest on me?”

Investor “I believe i know someone who is interested in making similar product.. you can check with her”

Entrepreneur visit’s second Investor’s office

2nd Investor “I liked your idea.. We are almost mid way invested in another similar venture so am sorry”

Entrepreneur is heart broken… sitting near sea shore

A journalist captures his photo  with a dog sleeping besides him…

Next day Entrepreneur is surprised with a new item

“Only LOYAL FOLKS can take your BUSINESS AHEAD – Finally only the Dog remained with him when he is depressed”


Entrepreneur is furious.. goes to that company who sells Pet Animals

Entrepreneur ‘Here am struggling to get invested and you are ridiculing me further”

The CEO hears the confusion and comes in…

CEO “Dear.. we just felt it was a nice pleasant natural photo so took a snap of it. Of course we can compensate you for being a model”

Entrepreneur “How much?”

CEO “Since the time we released this today, i got enquiry from budding entrepreneurs struggling in various accelerators and incubators.. this is as per what i gathered from them.. Over 100.. so you are big hit.. can pay you US$10000 ”

Entrepreneur looks zapped

Entrepreneur “To reach to such units, I was moving door to door and now i get the same amount without any equity dilution”

CEO “Life is complex, Situations Weird.. we never know when the money would pour in.. so be patient and may be the sea got  sad or that street dog got sad looking at your plight and slept besides you”

Entrepreneur “I will adopt that dog.. He is my true loyal supporter and investor.. i will make him my co-founder”


Love demands Nothing

Paul ‘When someone says I am in Love with You..  It has 2 actors. Love is the mediator between these 2 actors. A one way process’

Julie ‘What is a two way process?’

Paul ‘When someone reciprocates and says ‘I am in love with you’. Now it is a 2 way communication.

Julie ‘what happens next?’

Paul ‘mental communication, emotional communication, physical communication and at any point of time some communication could go wrong’

Julie ‘why does that happen?’

Paul ‘because the force of one actor overpowers force of another actor.. The communication becomes imbalanced’

Julie ‘means?’

Paul ‘If one actor gives love and other actor only accepts it.. it is of no use. The other actor too needs to give back love equally’

Julie ‘so..’

Paul ‘Love demands nothing.. Love is simply a wire.. a communicator.. and how we use that wire, depends on us.. Like how we use an electric wire or a gas pipeline or any string.. could be your exercise rope’

Julie ‘means.. any unnecessary force can break the wire’

Paul ‘yes.. hence love should not be forced upon. If someone accepts your love fine.. if someone doesn’t let the feelings remain genuine but don’t force self on the other actor’

Julie ‘will the other actor respond?’

Paul ‘depends on the signal…  Human Heart and Mind get so many signals from so many individuals.. we never know when the signal matches.. so have patience and wait for the turn..   each of these organs have sort of firewalls. so be careful to not send unnecessary signals which will get blocked permanently from those organs’

Julie ‘Paul you are getting into science of Love’

Paul ‘When we have Data Science, we have Physics, Chemistry, Biology.. why cannot Love Science be introduced in Colleges. Am sure it will sell like hot cakes. All die hard romantic guys and gals will prefer learning that. and we can remove illiteracy too’

Julie ‘How?’

Paul “love demands nothing.. Love can teach us history, geography, maths, economics, science, art, craft, politics, network, communication and management too’

Julie ‘You are a professor of Economics and you are saying this to a Social Science professor’

Paul ‘Hence I never forced over you to respond to my love till date’

Julie ‘common you never told me too’

Paul ‘was waiting for right moment.. both of us are settled, were from same college, so can we unite now?’

Julie hugs Paul and whispers ‘I did read your diary 5 years back and was waiting for this day’

Follow on

George ‘follow on means there is always a 2nd chance in life’

Mary ‘I disagree’

George ‘why?’

Mary ‘because the bitter truth of life is we have no control on our choice to select parents and there god doesn’t give us second chance’

George ‘and what else?’

Mary ‘Scuba drivers jumping off heights. only once chance else… gone’

George ‘anything else?’

Mary ‘don’t irritate me now’

George ‘I know you didn’t get a second chance on choice of a husband so am your first and last choice?’

Mary bursts laughing

Mary ‘don’t let me take 2nd chance.. if you irritate me.. I may just take that’

George ‘a news to share…’

Mary ‘what?’

George ‘Am leaving to China to set up a startup so do you plan to come with me?’

Mary ‘common…. why this sudden career shift and radical thought process’

George ‘if life gets too set, then something is wrong.. we need to reset it again and improve our speed of growth’

Mary ‘I disagree.. why work hard, struggle when life is fine’

George ‘ok dear.. am out to China 1 month from now’

3 years latter

George on phone ‘Mary.. a surprise for you’

Mary ‘3 years you were not in touch… so I assumed you are seeking divorce so am now in relation with Harris.. I agree life gave me 2nd chance’

George ‘Mary…I had thought of giving you a castle.. our venture is a huge hit’

Mary ‘congrats George, but I feel i missed you for 1 year, 2nd year reconciled and 3rd year now am with Harris’

George ‘ok.. if you have made up your mind.. no regrets’

George shuts his mobile.. and he gets a knock at door..

George see’s his beautiful neighbot Alice for the first time at his door step..

Alice ‘Hi George, heard about you… my son has completed his engineering. can he get a job in your company’

George ‘hey we can always sit and discuss, you can come in’

Alice ‘are you single?’

George ‘why this question?’

Alice ‘I too am.. once he is settled, i don’t have much to do. my husband is up there in air well settled so…’

George smiles

George ‘you want me to begin a follow on innings’

Alice ‘didn’t get what you say?’

George ‘you are too fast and talkative.. let me first help your son’

Alice smiles..

Alice ‘a dinner with me?’

George ‘oh goodness.. why you took all decisions on your own?’

Alice ‘because I would find you all alone and you look good so thought why not attempt.. as life does give 2nd chance’

George smiles..and looks at the shut mobile…

He opens it..and delete’s Mary’s contact number from the same


Sam meets Ravina in one of the parties and finds her ravishing.

Sam ‘Ravina.. you look good and very warm.. what is the secret?’

Ravina ‘be clean in heart and think good.’ she flashes her smile and leaves for her home..

Sam catches a common friend Liro and questions about Ravina

Sam ‘She seems too reluctant to be my friend’

Liro ‘Sometimes when we reach out to some one too directly.. they feel there could be a purpose’

Sam ‘means?’

Liro ‘there are many admirers for beautiful faces and they get tired listening to these compliments’

Sam ‘yes’

Liro ‘what special thing you can do to make her notice you?’

Sam pauses..

Next day Sam flashes in news paper an advertisement

‘Best smile contest.. the winner will need to pursue a social cause and be brand ambassador for a child cause’ in association with World’s reputed child care agency

Sam ‘Liro.. have circulated pamphlets to all the ones in party’

Sam gets a call from Ravina

Ravina ‘can i participate?’

Sam ‘Sure.. why not?’

Ravina and over 100 girls participate… registration is free so the response gets good…

and Ravina surprisingly looses the contest and Anne wins the same…

Ravina is sad…

Sam ‘hey.. why you feel so sad.. It was not in my hand’

Ravina ‘do you know my 6 year old kid is reluctant to be with me because she feels I don’t take care of her and my mother in law takes care of her well’

Sam looks surprised

Ravina ‘career going ladies face this problem. Sometimes the kids kept in day care schools and so on and then the bonding diminishes’

Sam ‘how it correlates to this competition?’

Ravina ‘ i wanted to start a mother-child bonding school ‘

Sam ‘this is really good cause’

Anne over hears Ravina

Anne ‘let me talk to sponsors and I feel this is good cause’

Ravina ‘in life money is important, family too but all mothers will aspire their kid to be bonded to them.. fathers too have similar issues’

Sam ‘let us have this as family bonding cause’

Anne ‘great…will share this news with my PASSION Buddy’

Sam ‘who is it?’

Anne ‘the one who creates stories.. to tell.. ‘

Sam ‘are those real?’

Anne ‘fiction.. but so what.. he is my buddy and thinks and conceives the stories after great research’

Ravina ‘great… will he invest?’

Anne smiles

Anne ‘he will.. one day for all such causes.. but till then.. let us build our traction first.. lets get going’

Sam ‘Anne.. what made you join this contest?’

Anne ‘i thought it would be good to work with a reputed brand for a social cause and now I met up a mother who loves her daughter.. good to see such love.and binding’


A ‘for sentiment values I never reject gift’

B ‘for sentiment reasons, I still retain him at work’

C ‘for sentiment understanding, I need to probe at what is important to you’

A and B ‘how?’

C ‘want to understand which web site you browse most, which actors you love.. and an auto favourite pop up coming’

A and B ‘wow’

C ‘developing this component now.. participating in Idea competition’

A and B ‘we will use this’

C ‘getting back to PASSION FRAMEWORK. loads of things to do’


INR 500000 Competition

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Multiplier Effect

Sarah is a research scholar who is called upon an entrepreneur meet to talk on ‘Multiplier Effect’

Sarah ‘I need two volunteers’

2 folks come on stage..

Sarah ‘Please identify 2 person each to be part of your team’..

4 more folks come on stage..

Sarah ‘2 individuals having 2 resource each.. what is the count?’

Some say 4 (2 x 2) and some say 6

Sarah ‘6 is the right answer’

Sarah ‘Now each of those 4 resources need to identify 2 more in their group’

Again 8 more folks come in

Sarah ‘What is the count?’

Some answer 12… some answer 14

Sarah ‘What should be the formulae?’

Some talk of permutation and combination formuale

All look puzzled.

Sarah ‘It takes 2 to think and cofound a venture, it takes 4 to add meat to that venture and finally it takes 8 more to build a team.. Magical number 14’

All are not convinced

Joe ‘In sports we have 11 member team and not sure which sport has 14 member team)

Sarah ‘In cricket we always consider team + shadow and forget the umpires’

Sam who loves cricket jumps and says ‘Umpires are decision makers’

Sarah ‘yes any multiplier effect should be vetted by Umpires. Either you consume all resources or you save few resources as back up individuals.

Sarah ‘In economics we need to understand that for any money coming to you, have some percentage allocated as reserves. Example you get an investment of US$1M, have 200000 $ as reserves (20%).  Invest the remaining in projects/ ventures. over period of time  Those ventuers too need to keep reserves of 10-20%

Multiplier effect = 1000000 / (0.2) =  5M$

time span for multiplier effect depends on you.

Moral of the story ‘Have provisions for reserves as component in budget planning)