Sneezing troubles

Pop ‘Please use your hand kerchiefs while sneezing or a tissue paper’

Kid ‘I use it always but teacher said.. in fresh air, if you sneeze without any kerchief or paper, it helps you inhale fresh air and chances of sneeze going away fully exists’

Pop ‘She had informed you when you are in garden, in open space, not at home’

Kid ‘then how can I stop’

pop ‘touch your nose with both hands or tickle your self or touch your forehead and distract self’

Next day the kids see’s Pop sneezing loudly

Kid ‘Daddy.. wait.. and he begins tickling the dad’

Pop burst laughing..

Kid ‘Daddy.. your sneezing stopped.. great.. It is magic formula.  Next time I see someone sneezing, will tickle’

Pop ‘hey don’t go and tickle strangers’

Kid ‘why?’

Pop ‘because tickling strangers is bad for health’

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