Gangster Entrepreneur

Charming Chilly meets Deadly Silly at a pub….and instantly take liking for each other..

Deadly Silly ‘Am a gangster’

Charming Chilly ‘Am an entrepreneur’

Silly ‘what is that?’

Chilly ‘one who starts own business and evolves a business model over period of time and creates employment opportunities’

Silly ‘I too do it.. Need over 20 team leads, 5 validation experts and 4 researchers’

Chilly is silent

Silly ‘can we dance?’

Both Chilly and Silly are dancing…

Silly ‘what is your business?’

Chilly ‘am evolving one.. trying to raise funds.. It is for a social cause to teach humans humanity’

Silly begins laughing

Silly ‘no one will fund you’

Chilly ‘why you feel so?’

Silly ‘who will get returns out of that’

Chilly ‘ethics is important in any business. you are a gangster but you need ethical team leads’

Silly ‘yes’

Chilly ‘so my focus is on ethic management’

Silly ‘train my gang of 200 spread out in US, UK, Dubai and Russia.. I pay you 1000$ for each resource’

Chilly looks surprised…

Chilly ‘why this generosity’

Silly ‘i am attracted to you.. so now…’

Chilly ‘dear silly.. you are too fast.. to teach ethical management too some boundaries need to be defined’

Silly ‘this is our problem.. when we give opportunity to civilians to groom us, educate us, think of our kids no one does and then if my kid in future will be a gangster then community cribs’

Chilly is silent

Silly ‘Chilly will you marry me?’

Till then Chilly walks away from Pub

at home she pens a thought

“Is love a 2 minute instant food or a long term event?  Why did I get attracted to him too and even knowing he is a gangster, continued to dance with him’

Pat comes a thought

“He was open about his status. Never hid that fact from you’

Chilly smiles and looks at mirror and sleeps

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