Small Relations Big Meanings

Philip is a relation builder and his venture is around the same..

Philip gets an assignment in Lobo’s house to unite the family. It is given by Lobo’s elder daughter Maria

Philip visits the family…

Lobo ‘who called you here?’

Philip ‘m friend of Maria’

Lobo ‘Is it the 7th person.’ and begins grinning

Lobo ‘She has so many boy friends.. I lost track’

Philip ‘She looks after your family. Please respect her as person and she is your daughter’

Lobo’s wife Jane comes in..

Jane ‘you look handsome.. Are you Maria’s boy friend?’

Philip smiles..

Philip ‘want to give you one message’

Till then 4 more sisters come in…and look at Philip and he finds 2 more brothers coming from sports and tagged by 2 dogs

Philip ‘what is your latest worry?’

All begin narrating their woes ‘I want to give fees, i want to join sports, I want to be model and so on’

Philip ‘just be silent and listen to me’

Philip ‘sometimes in life we make some one scape goat in our family to take care of small relations like interacting with house maids, property matter, utility service etc and then.. one day you realize that person becomes indispensable to us’

Maria smiles..

Philip ‘who is your family decision maker’

All look at Maria

Philip ‘take ownership of responsibilities. She is grown. Awaiting her match.. Am not her match.. She has a need too. If it 6th of 7th friend with whom she is be it’

All feel a guilt..

Philip ‘relation builder.. my project.. you too can contribute.. I unite families.. charge 100 bucks and eventually when my team grows.. I will refer families to volunteers and will just take 20 buck as commission’

Philip “Small relations have bigger meanings. Whether it is in business or family of friends.. never be in touch with only key resources.. build friendship and love for all around.. and see the miracle’

All smiles

Lobo ‘Boy.. Are you single? do you love Maria’

Philip smiles ‘I am in love with so many.. but am not Maria’s cup of tea.. leave her alone.. She loves Joseph.. and he is waiting for her’

Philip leaves from the family and while in metro., he remembers how is entire family left him when he got bankrupt (Wife, Kids..and even his pet dog who preferred to stay with his ex wife’

Philip smiles and looks at sky ‘Is love or unity really required these day.. real ones? everything is available virtually’

A pop comes from whatsup “Hi dear.. I want to kiss you’

Philip smiles at the message… ;and responds ‘Virtual life creates so many small relations and each of those may be virtual but somewhere love exists,. care exists. feeling exists.. without repentance’. How you define boundaries, that makes friendship a success’

Pop comes a message ‘don’t give lecture.. i want to kiss you’

Philip ‘Most welcome’

A kiss icon returns back

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