Breaking News- Gas Holiday for a month

All fuel shops closed for a month. This is the most bizarre news being shown in all channels.

CEO of a online CAB company gets worried… He calls the GASO Associaon Chamber in US and also Europe to confirm if this news is real and finds indeed from July 1 2015. Gas Holiday is been declared.

There is a huge rush push to hoard fuel, but government has put strict regulation…

Ramsey the United Nations Ambassador calls all the country Ministers.. and all agree for this holiday

Scientists begin working furiously as it is 1 month time… and they have to generate alternative energy at earliest…

There is a huge demand for biogas social entrepreneurs..

Biogas Entrepreneur Ramu who is an expert smiles at destiny

Ramu ‘When we talked about renewable energy, no one listened. When we talked about saving fuel no one bothered and see how the tides changed..  ‘

Ramu is called to US to solve the problem..

Ramu ‘Mandate bio gas usage, wind energy usage wherever possible. Let  us hope this is not a mischief’

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