Express Love

Jane ‘strange as it is.. when I am near you, you never express love and when am away now you wish me to be besides you’

Robin ‘distance makes us realize whom we love the most’

Jane ‘I am happy here with my new friend Zulu and he is a very good singer’

Robin ‘So.. you found one… US to Europe.. in messenger my love cannot give you those feelings’

Jane ‘yes sort of.. ‘

Robin ‘love should be expressed instantaneously. Never think.. If you think it is not love.. you are taking some calculated decision. It is not Mathematics’

Jane ‘Zulu did that spontaneously’

Robin ‘Am talking to self.. Ok.. a good news.. Am starting a venture on music site soon.. can upload his music and let’s see the response’

Jane ‘Wow.. i will introduce Zulu to you’

Robin ‘cool.. best of lucks Jane.. I failed in love.. lets hope I succeed in businesss’

Jane ‘You will.. I will pray for you’

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