Love Notes -1

love is something which is unspoken when a person is near and spoken when the person is far away

love can wash away the filth of negative energies and written out as history in case of  failure and an example of courage in case of success

if love asks you hundred questions , you will get irritated, but if you answer one question to your beloved without any inhibitions or fear you will feel the bliss.

love can bring the deepest of emotions in front when you wish to and hide the deepest of pains in heart when you wish to but cannot hide the love in your eyes for the beloved when a voice is heard or face is seen of the beloved waiting for love

love for an object creates war as love creates an object to war but war creates objects for love too as the ones who perish in wars are gone, and what remains are their beloved who wish love for self to help them lead their life fully again.

love can make your heart beats fast but the heart would wish love to wait till the beats soften to make you wonder that love can bring in patience to accept faults too or wait for right time to declare love.

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