Anger Control

“Throw a ball up in the air and learn to catch the same with 2 hands and then 1 hand..

Take a cool bath and listen to a soft romantic music.

Throw pebbles in sea or river and see the water splashes

Write a blog or the state of mind in piece of paper

Read phrases of literature you like and adore

Think of any idea whatsoever ridiculous and google it.. Keep googling it. Never know you may just attempt to start business of your own

Look at some beautiful faces on net”

Sandra “Dear Boy.. wake up from dreaming. I know you are a cool guy and writing all this to cool my temper’

Samuel ‘Sandra.. in life anger comes as reaction or actions but what remains after that is only a damage to one’s own health whether it is physically or mentally so why be angry with life’

Sandra ‘Any short cuts?’

Samuel ‘Just go to toilet now’

Sandra ‘why?

Samuel ‘just go dear.. leave your mobile phone, ornaments, watch, pins, knives, scissors, blades everything, sandle every thing’

Sandra ‘why?’

Samuel ‘Realize that when you be in 5-5 room all alone, with nothing you begin feeling suffocated, a jail like feeling.. you will begin respecting your body all the more and your mind too and stop being angry with life’

Sandra ‘thank goodness you just told me and not implemented this on me’

Samuel  ‘Am not psycho dear.. go and get me a big glass of orange juice as i settle to watch the latest serial ‘TEMPORARY LOSS’

Sandra ‘what is it?’

Samuel ‘It is a show in which a person is asked to loose one member from their family and pick one person any stranger into their family’

Sandra ‘t is weird.. ‘

Samuel ‘they make the new stranger ask the person to do 5 things and if they do it according to the person’s satisfaction a gift given’

Sandra ‘wow.. ‘

Samuel ‘and do you know what?’

Sandra ‘No?’

Samuel ‘no member from that family should loose temper on the new person else the family looses’

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