Failed Logic

Mansi doesn’t understand why she cares for her buddy Bob who met her in one of the spring classes.

Bob ‘Mansi.. we fight and keep fighting and still remain connected.. what could be the reason?’

Mansi ‘Surely not love.. but it is now a habit’

Bob ‘Does friendship as a habit ruin family life once new members come in our life?’

Mansi ‘Depends.. sometimes in Facebook, sometimes in Linkedin.  somewhere your future will realize I am your friend’

Bob ‘Why don’t we get married?’

Mansi ‘If you wish me to be your friend for life time, don’t think of that’

Bob ‘Why?’

Mansi ‘as you may just not love me once you are married to me’

Bob ‘It is a logic beyond my grasp’

Mansi ‘It is a failed logic may be for many, for me it remains the right logic’

Bob ‘Should I design a heart break site?’

Mansi ‘Most welcome.. No logic behind it right?’

Bob ‘I assume I have failed to convince you to marry me’

3 months latter

Bob ’50 Heart break geeks logging in.. Anyone with any type of heart break logs in.. Soon plan to have a data analytics around it’

Mansi ‘Cheers’

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