Declaration of Love

Sony “I love you Jack.. Am announcing this in front of all my staff today’

Jack subordinate Manager to Sony is shocked. Sony is an Ace Entrepreneur and working hard for her focuses on data analytic tool.

Jack has just graduated from his college and used to be a close friend to Sony but always maintained a distance from her.

Jack walks away from the hall.

After a big pause, the entire 50 staff members give a big clap..

Sony ‘Enjoy the party which I called, just to declare my love’

Next morning Jack places his resignation

Sony ‘Why so?’

Jack ‘Sometimes in life, if you wish to be with that person for life, ensure that person is not your boss at work as anyways she will be boss at home’

Sony ‘Will I loose a good resource?’

Jack ‘You need to decide what suits you..’

Sony pauses for a while and accepts the resignation letter

Jack ‘Are you sure about your declaration’

Sony ‘Common 50 of my staff members .. Will I be kidding’

Sony ‘What you plan to do?’

Jack ‘Start a music Ecommerce site soon’

Sony ‘Can we go for dinner today?’

Jack ‘Sure.. let us celebrate love without up man ship and begin loving each other all the more from today’

Jack ‘Never mix love and work together at work place’

Sony pauses

Sony ‘I disagree but you could be right. Am hopelessly romantic’



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