Equity Theory

A said to B ‘it is not fair, he gets every thing and not me’

B said ‘but you can create things, i can only market, hence i have to get more as I need to reach out to people’

A said ‘Unfair.. you are a CEO, so you need more.. I slog more always’

B ‘common you are stepping over things.. if you wish you can go’

A ‘Ok.. fine I will start something of my own’

1 year latter

A has a successful venture.. till one day C comes in

C ‘I wish to be your partner’

A looks surprised

C ‘marriage partner buddy.. will you accept me?’

A is enamored by C’s beauty

C and A decide to get married.. till one day

C ‘Unfair.. I need to be your business partner too.. ‘

A ‘but I thought you are my spouse’

C ‘So you forgot that am also human.. How much sweat equity you plan to give?’

A looks surprised

C ‘Equity is important.. ‘

A ‘ok fine you lead.. i will transfer shares in your name’

3 years latter

A ‘Did you take registrar help and deallocate me from business. Just one mistake of power of Attorney’

C ‘Honey…. Have got in a CEO who is more suited.. ‘

A ‘and me?’

C ‘I think you should look into other business’

A ‘This is unfair..’

C ‘All unfair equity leads to entrepreneurship.. Hope a successful entrepreneur realizes this and is fair to one’s team’

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