Sarah and George are a happily married couple and love discussing on varied topic. This weekend both of them get into conversation of responsibility

Sarah ‘Responsibility is most important aspect in human relation. At times we behave irresponsibly. Sharing photographs which are private to public and so on’

George ‘Are you hinting towards me for sharing our wedding anniversary intimate hug photos shared with my friends’

Sarah ‘At times at work, we forget to switch off lights, keep the projector on.. and so on’

George ‘yes.. i know that is also behaving irresponsible’

Sarah ‘Why do lovers when they break from each other, begin sharing each other’s dirty linen in public.

George hugs Sarah and seeks forgiveness ‘I agree, we had a turbulent marriage 4 years back till we arrived at a conclusion.. to save relation.. converse.. keep the communication on.. if you wish to sustain relation’

Sarah ‘and love is a responsibility too.. love demands love and respect and we need to respect that’

George gets a call from his office…

Sarah ‘What happened?’

George ‘My founder Williams need me to work with him on a plan to night’

Sarah ‘God bless you.. work too needs to b carried with responsibility’

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