Die Hard Lover

Samuel loves his wife tremendously. He also loves his friends a lot.. He is having a packing unit.. and one day he finds one of his subordinate sobbing.

Samuel ‘Maria why you in tears?’

Maria ‘My boy friend left me in lurch.. and am pregnant’

Samuel ‘This is bad.. Any individual should own up responsibility in love. I think, I can help you out.. Can the child be aborted?’

Maria ‘5 months.. too late’

Samuel ‘Fine.. go ahead.. and let us see what can be done’

5 months latter.

Julie, Samuel’s wife ‘Hey I see Doctor bills. Hope you are not having an affair?’

Samuel ‘Maria’s boy friend left in lurch.. so she is giving birth to his kid’

Julie ‘that is sad.. what next’

Samuel ‘What you suggest?’

Julie ‘Plan to adopt that kid?’

Samuel ‘Was thinking so.. I know you too have conceived lately’

Julie ‘Let us adopt it’

Samuel visits Maria

Samuel ‘Maria… can I adopt her?’

Maria ‘She is my kid.. how can I part from my kid.. Sorry Sir’

Julie comes in..

Julie ‘It is fine Maria.. but we will be her guardian in school to give her a father’s name’

Maria bursts into tears…

Maria ‘I actually plan to leave this town’

Julie ‘I suggest leave the kid.. and we take care of her’

3 years latter

Maria ‘Mam i want to take the kid back’

Julie ‘Sure Maria.. how are you doing?’

Maria ‘Fate is bad.. my second boy friend too duped me..’

Samuel ‘Love is Responsibility and hope people understand this and Love for Employee too comes with responsibility only.. relax.. we will appoint you in our other branch. you be with your kid and we take care of both of you’

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