Mr. Mike is a small time umbrella seller who waits for rains and scorching heat seasons when his umbrella sales can go up.

His wife Jenny loves to design umbrella’s of various type..

His son Robert who has just come from Australia meets his parents in Hongkong.

Robert ‘your umbrella’s need a thorough re-design’

Jenny ‘why?’

Robert ‘it needs to be strong enough to handle wind speed’

Jenny ‘wow.. never thought in these directions’

Robert ‘i read this blog PASSION FRAMEWORK and it says anything which is innovation should be robust and long term.. so next time blow the air at over 200mph and test your umbrella’s

Mike ‘what about heat waves?’

Robert ‘Just taper the umbrella a bit below to ensure it closely covers your single body frame. Only light designer tops’

Jenny hugs Robert

Jenny ’20 years of hard life and now a genius has arrived.’

Robert ‘a cover on head is most vital element to human. whether it is helmet or cap or cloth or an umbrella’

A call comes to Jenny

Jenny ‘oh how many umbrella’s you need?’

A voice from other side ’50’

Robert ‘why these high volumes?’

Jenny ‘Umbrella’s are used also for mourning during grave yard prayers.. Am sending them for one funeral. and yes they plan to give it back to me again.. but paying full money.. their request is to distribute those to needy who bear the rains without any umbrella’

Robert sighs

Robert ‘My dad has set this traditional business and i will make it into an international outlet and if god is kind with me, will distribute 20 cent¬†umbrella to needy folks too

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