Strange Ways of Life

Sony is an Ace Musician who has everything going for her. One day a bright young guy Rob who is having a business plan to scale up visits Sony..

Sony ‘hey.. I am planning some initiative soon’

Rob ‘Wow.. here is a perfect plan and seek guidance and if possible you can also be a founder’

Sony remains silent…

A month latter

Rob is surprised that Sony already had a similar plan of action for self..

Rob wonders at ways of life and is pondering over the happening…

Sony has tied up with an ace production house and the plans look similar.. Ron is not having funds at all.

As he seems dejected, he also realizes that life is always strange..

He doesn’t loose hope on his own initiative and comes up with a soulful song

“Strange ways of life

Strange ways of life

once a pauper

now a king

life treats you

as you treat self

sometimes harsh

sometimes soft

Strange ways of life

friends little friends

money can roll in

roll in always

but true friend

treats you with love

as strange as it would be

as strange ways of life

never stops a support

to friends who wish to grow

all it says, express openly

you wish to grow

a true friend will grow you self”

The album has a mood of emotion, sadness, played with guitar and Sony has a drop of tear in her eyes…

Sony calls Rob up

Sony ‘will you work for me?’

Rob ‘Sony..why not.. you and your company should grow much bigger.. Am an entertainer.. sometimes happiness, sometimes sad.. did you feel sad’

Sony ‘i felt you are telling me my story’

Rob ‘who can forget words, who can forget moments.. life is all about moments… come let us party’

Rob takes Sony to a road side joint

Sony is cautious of who is watching her..

Rob ‘relax Sony.. life is not about only ambition, growth, success, status.. It is also about human, values, ethics and friendship. I wanted to show you the hard route which your parent could have taken to make themselves successful// so in life always remain successful and keep growing but sometimes make small mortals happy just by being friends.. No expectations whatsoever.. I don’t want to loose a friend.. I don’t mind loosing a business woman’

Sony’s face pales

Rob leaves and rushes to catch a Metro


Fry day

A horrible hot seat in which Maria is..  She fears Friday. Though individuals chill pill but not here with this VC group which aggressively tracks all entrepreneurs and review results with the VC Chief Investment Officer Maria

Investor Paul ‘this retail company is in big loss and we keep putting funds.. when will this sell off’

Maria ‘we are trying.. trying to reach to US$1Billion. We will soon pressurize them’

Investor Ram ‘All these cold deals.. Maria incorrect sourcing landed us to a problem’

Maria ‘the entrepreneurs will be coming soon to update you with status’

2 hours latter

All the non performing entrepreneurs bought to a conference room

Paul ‘do you guys realize how we break even..  either sell or run.. don’t be mediocre performers’

One entrepreneur is shivering

Maria ‘what happened to you?’

Entrepreneur Jackson ‘I feel for next 2 years too we may not breakeven.. your advisor and board director harass us’

Paul ‘why?’

Jackson ‘if we are supposed to perform on pressures of VC.. where is the freedom?’

All burst out laughing

Paul ‘BOSS.. REALIZE IF YOU GO TO BANK, YOU TAKE DEBT LOAN AND AN ANNUAL INTEREST LEVIED. HERE YOU ARE TAKING EQUITY LOAN. It means you are supposed to earn each share through hard work.. Nothing comes free. Stop thinking like employees and go back now.. you are Entrepreneurs.. don’t try to become employees and feel we should be helping you grow your companies. we are there to invest and connect you to right people.. It is you who are supposed to work’

All get silent…

After the meeting..

one of the entrepreneur Amit whispers to his other friend

Amit ‘Did you watch the latest movie.. let us go and watch. Enough of all this at least on weekend’

Friend Samuel ‘It is FRYDAY and not FRIDAY..’

Amit ‘Hence I keep wondering what is PASSION FRAMEWORK BLOG all about.. Is it scare us off or is to guide us’

Samuel ‘It is pure entertainment. draw the nuances and learn self.. Don’t assume it would really happen and if it indeed happens.. you know they already told you.. EDU Entertainment’

Paul walks in..

Paul ‘guys sorry for being harsh.. but please work.. Am in pressure.. I have to become an entrepreneur if I loose all money’

As Paul rushes to loo

Samuel burs laughing

Amit ‘this is the problem which we too will land in one day..  we feel it is ENTREPRENEUR FRY DAY.. I FEEL INVESTORS FRY DAY too’

Sweet Heart Listen to this

if heart was sweet, it was because of you, so whenever anyone told me sweet heart, I felt it was told to you and all this is food for thought as excessive sweetness leads to diabetic tendencies hence I accommodate sour experiences too in my heart to make it more spicy.

But at end of day your sweetness makes the heart sweet all over again.

Sometimes romantic thoughts too are good for health.

Word of Mouth

Sana ‘I love this movie’

Mary ‘it is a must see’

Sony ‘what a lovely movie it was’

Soon there are million of likes and the movie gets more crowd.

The producer Rich smiles and discusses with distributor ‘Sana, Mary, Sony all of them were my production assistants in the movie..   These days whether it is movies or startups.. All need to create hype and fortunately content is not understood too well. Personally I felt the movie lacked the punch before interval and climax is slightly not so engaging’

Distributor ‘you will not believe.. people are crying when they see those emotional scenes’

Rich ‘yes.. i know as we kept promoting those scenes in you tube.. people never saw her cry as she was in action movies.. we made her cry a lot in this movie’

Distributor ‘why?’

Rich ‘all want a change.. so thought of converting her into a new babe who could act too’

Distributor ‘what is your next movie on?’

Rich ‘Startup Hype… story of an entrepreneur who keeps having his stock valued to X millions only to realize that money can sell any product but your ethics cannot be purchased by money.. so he decides to…’

Distributor ‘what?’

Rich ‘it is an action filled movie with twists. wait for its release’

Dangling fruits

Samuel had great fascination to climb trees and collect fruits from basket.  He would always wish to first catch the top most fruit and then go backwards down.

One day his friend Romesh asked him a question

‘Why top to bottom? why not bottom to top?’

Samuel ‘if i collect the fruits from bottom. the weight will increase.. but if I collect it from top, as I reach down, the weight of my basket will increase. I will be able to climb down better way’

Romesh ‘but you can fill basket and move it down, carry another basket up.. chances of you to fall too exist’

Samuel smiled

Samuel ‘In engagement relation, top to bottom works better and then bottom to top’

Romesh ‘why?’

Samuel ‘because the bottom individual believes in top boss. they follow what their boss agree to do’

Samuel ‘fruits which dangle low are tempting but if we carry too many fruits, our maintenance cost increases..

same way in business.. rather then 50 small clients, 1 big client may make wonders.. and all small prospective clients become our client automatically. these mango orchard is our heritage for over 50 years.. climbing tree is my hobby’

Romesh ‘anything else?’

Samuel ‘climbing right tree is effectiveness and climbing and getting down from tree in proper timeline is efficiency’

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Stretching her hands

Waking her master

Am hungry

Still not response

Stretching her hands

Moving near her Master

She shakes him

and he gets up with a startle

and hugs her..

John fell in love with Rosey

ever since he saw her 3 years back

He suddenly hears loud shriek

His wife is throwing utensils..

He hugs Rosie and says

‘I only wished my wife was like you

silent, loving and caring and

making me feel like I am supporting

her and not vice versa’

Rosie the little female dog cuddles

to her master and wags her tail.