Selling Selves for a Dime

Selling selves for a Dime The soul is still alive Awakening us for a while

to remind us that we need to work because it is necessity but we need to be Awakened because it is our requirement

Finally all of us strive to reach to that state of Awakening or Self Realization.

We give a tag of an Experience in our Life Journey to learn lessons of Do’s and Don’ts and reach interim Self Realization milestones but finally we sell ourselves for a dime only because of necessity.

How to reach a stage of financial independence or self independence?

Joy says ‘make your needs moderate and reach that state soon’

Melissa says ‘make your aspirations higher and reach that state soon’

Melissa ends up being an entrepreneur and Joy ends up being an employee

Joy is happy at his state

Melissa is happy at her state. Melissa remains Single. Joy gets married, has family and needs increase

Joy realizes that aspirations should be higher

Joy meets Melissa his best friend and asks a favor

Melissa invests in Joy’s idea and Joy too becomes an Entrepreneur but he fails

He returns to Melissa and asks why it happened

Melissa ‘you are at peace, you love your family, you spend time with your family.. you have an employee mind set.. I am not in peace, i do love my family, but am single, spend time with employees so you know what.. I sell myself for a dime and you don’t and it is your choice and your structure.. i cannot make anyone entrepreneur’

Joy ‘what are those accelerator all about?’

Melissa ‘if you succeed, then only you get invested right.. and sometimes experiment, i did on you,  i failed.. am angel. and Angels take that risk.. Accelerator may or may not or at least they will be careful. but no accelerator can churn and train an person to be an Entrepreneur.. This is all about Self realization’

Joy smiles and goes back to his family and is playing kites and flying it up in the sky.

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