Sunday Lunch

Lobo never fails to give a sumptuous lunch to all his family and friends on Sunday. His wife Jennifer always wonders ‘why is to?’ and one Saturday evening…

Jennifer ‘for 10 years have observed this tradition.. why is it to. You spend US$500 per Sunday and though am aware that you have a good salary, but why is it so?’

Lobo ‘do you know why this Mother’s day, Father’s day and so on emerged?’

Jennifer ‘Valentine day am aware’

Lobo ‘I is to celebrate an occasion’

Jennifer ‘so?’

Lobo ‘rather then a face book or twitter, if we can have a family unite for one day and remove all grudges, grievances then why not’

Lobo ‘and do you know a secret’

Jennifer ‘what?’

Lobo ‘I save tax too..  show it is a guest entertainment expense’

Jennifer ‘I never knew this bit’

Lobo ‘life is not about being focused on self but also being focused on self to serve others. Sunday Lunch gives an opportunity for family outings and when my niece Nancy will meet Tom, my friend’s son.. wow.. what a romantic mood it will set. She looking at him coyly and he looking at her confidently’

Jennifer ‘strange ways.. am there to support you but you have a very ideal style of relationship building’

Lobo ‘In our fore father generations, we had family get together and today we have friends get together or we have special theme so my family needs to set examples to other.. In modern day living with huge costs, why not unite and optimize on costs.. little bit adjustments here and there..  but can anyone afford to be rigid these days.. ‘

Jennifer ‘what you plan to do?’

Lobo ‘In our bungalow, we can accommodate 5 families.. Let us unitedly agree and then our family can each save around 500$ per month.. Imagine in a year we have 24000$ savings and let us invest in our young blood and make them entrepreneur.. family equity.. ‘

Jennifer ‘you are too ideal in your thinking.. but i don’t like our 2 relatives.. so answer is ‘No’

Lobo ‘hence we have these big companies bang on us so many items.. see the wastage.. but don’t ever stop me from Sunday Lunch’

Jennifer ‘dear Lobo.. yes.. i will not stop you from doing so, but we can call our friend ‘Samuel and his family to stay with us and experiment this’

Lobo ‘As you wish.. and let me go and get fresh fishes for tomorrow’

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