Smart guys and girls never are short of money or love or happiness.


a) They have specific goals

Ron want to get a free lunch today

Ron will befriend Linda at any cost

b) They have measurable objectives

Ron ‘Linda let us have a lunch’

Linda ‘Sure’

Ron and Linda go for lunch

Ron ‘oh.. i forgot my wallet’

Linda ‘Sure no problems. I will pay the bill’

Ron ‘friends?’

Linda ‘sure .. why not. First time you asked me for lunch though we bumped into each other for so many days’

c) They have achievable objectives

Ron ‘thanks’

Linda ‘had you taken me to a five star hotel, I would not have paid the bill’

Ron ‘no.. me.. all in small small affordable restaurants only date’

Linda ‘so you have many girl friends?’

Ron ‘no.. only when I feel it may materialize then’

Linda ‘what do you mean?’

d) They are realistic

Ron ‘Am realistic

Linda ‘me too.. why to dream big’

Ron ‘I don’t propose models’

Linda ‘me too want simple guy for self’

e) They have timeliness

Ron ‘Can you come for other date?’

Linda ‘of course but will ensure you keep your wallet with you’

Both begin laughing

Ron ‘I think I love you’

Linda ‘I guess I too’

Ron ‘important to time these moments.. else failure’

Linda ‘what are you doing?’

Ron ‘Process consultant SMART philosophy you know’

Linda ‘Am six sigma expert.. same boat’

Both begin laughing

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