Love fever

What can you do about a college infested with love fever

each individual in the college has a partner.

Mary the Dean is in love with Peter who is Co Dean

Peter ‘Mary.. not sure what will happen when the owner finds this issue. She is unmarried for decades’

Mary ‘simple.. let us invite her.. I firmly believe love virus grows from our college. I will invite my grandpa who is single too’

Peter begins laughing..

Peter ‘common it is an odd combination.. let us test it’

Mary calls her grandpa Henry to stay with her

Peter calls the owner Sarah to visit college and check on performances..

Sarah comes to the college and finds students in pair studying..

Sarah ‘this is strange.. Are they couples joined together?’

Peter “No.. but we feel our college is haunted since last 1 year and some love god has infested this with love virus’

Sarah ‘this is most absurd thought and you believe in it being college dean’

Peter ‘I didn’t but i fell in love with Mary at first sight’

Sarah ‘common.. you ought to be kidding’

Peter ‘Mary has her grandpa come from Sweden.. Invited us for dinner.. can you accomodate’

Sarah ‘ofcourse’

Evening time Sarah who is around 60 years comes in her best pink dress

The door is opened by Henry who wears a cow boy hat with boots aged around 68…

Henry ‘welcome MAM to our nest’

Henry ‘you look extremely beautiful’

Peter and Mary are giggling from behind.

Sarah gets conscious.. her face is red.. she never experienced such flirting atmosphere since age she left her college

Sarah ‘common .. you are flirting with me.. I don’t like it’

Henry ‘harmless flirting.. I actually feel we are made for each other’

Sarah ‘really? how you felt so?’

Henry ‘the mole in your upper lip.. and my mole in opposite side of upper lip.. if they meet.. love will blossom’

Sarah gets uncomfortable

Mary rushes to get water to Sarah

Sarah ‘I have leave’

Next day Sarah see’s a huge flower vase on her door with a message ‘I LOVE YOU HENRY’

Sarah ‘is this college really haunted? why?’

2 days latter news flash


Huge number of diehard lovers, depressed lovers, frustrated lovers, single, double, alone, together all begin providing feedback on twitter, facebook for a week induction to courses..

VIctoria college is suddenly becoming prosperous…

The owner’s nephew Jerry smiles and talks to his friends

Jerry ‘operation successful.. we had to make this college successful at all cost.. so I ensured each guy and girl, professors and co workers all fell in love.. Created situation for them.. Made the atmosphere romantic. Being the college representative, my girl friend Nancy helped me in this mission’

Nancy ‘Entrepreneurship can become successful because of love too’

Jerry ‘Let this be a secret between only us’

Nancy ‘next what?’

Jerry ‘we have got requirements from Torronto,  India and China.. some ailing colleges want our help on how to grow them fast’

Nancy ‘great.. should we seed fund LOVE FEVER PROJECT’

Jerry ‘Are you crazy? any fever doesn’t need investment.. money comes automatically to cure that fever’

Nancy hugs Jerry and coyly says ‘hence i fell in love with you in this college when I saw you’

Jerry ‘common now don’t make me believe that this college is indeed haunted’

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