Sameer ‘there is a term loss.. what can be done’

Rafi ‘You goofed up in studies.. so now go and join some class’

Sameer ‘Dad.. can i start a business on term loss’

Rafi ‘what is that?’

Sameer ‘All students who have AT KT (BACKLOG PERMISSIBLE) can join my group

Rafi ‘and?’

Sameer ‘we will teach each other the subjects which we know’

Rafi ‘and?’

Sameer ‘for 50 students, we charge US$5 for subject we know’

Rafi ‘great’

Sameer ‘all college drop outs have chances to become big’

Rafi ‘agreed’

Sameer ‘so can  i start business’

Rafi ‘yes.. but if you fail again.. am not going to fend for you’

Sameer ‘sure Dad.. next time if i fail, i promise, i will never go back to college’

Rafi looks zapped

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