Melody and its Mood

Melody a sweet little girl never knew why her parents gave her this name

Melody’s parents used to always fight and by accident when they were in romantic mood, her mother conceived and then both decide to give her a name Melody.

When Melody came, life was perfect for few days and then again those noises.

Melody would wonder why her parents gave birth to her..

One day Melody is sitting in garden hearing the bird chirps

Melody ponders ‘let me begin recording each type of noise as a clip.’ Soon it became a hobby.

Sometimes laughter, sometimes shrieks, sometimes bird chirps, sometimes dog barks, sometime some instrument, sometimes she would just tap any object and record music..’

She enrolled in a music class

Soon she learnt dynamics of lyrics and again began reworking on her hobby.

She would now create stories using only music… and then began adding some romantic lyric or angry tones and her clips became a hit.

Melody smiled at god and hugged her parents

Melody ‘dad and mom, thanks to your great battles, I began understanding where decibels gets intolerably to human ears and then now am researching on music further.. my startup MELODY is doing well too’

Melody sings a song

If you were not my dad

If you were not my mom

Melody would not be in form

You paused a moment

you loved a moment

I was born.. I was born

to bring melody in your life

Life went fighting all the way

Sometimes she won

Sometimes you won

But what about me?

Was i born to only loose

You paused a moment

You loved me for a moment

Again the battle fields

sometimes abuses

sometimes hits

sometimes dramas

Melody and its Mood

I captured all the way’

and then she gets serious and informs her parents

“Love making to conceive and then to regret is a crime. Child abortions or negligence both hurt a child’s psychology. So if you wish we three can create awareness in this world to avoid such unplanned births or in case born, teach parents to love their kids”

Both the parents hug Melody and echo simultaneously ‘we are proud of you melody’

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