ASHRAM concept emerges from a place where any senior citizen can visit and take rest and relax with full nature cure provided.

The owner is a bright young guy who has been taken over bungalows for such type of service.. John had visited India and happened to see such Ashram and fell in love with it.

John’s business model is simple. he works on a 80-20 equity partnering where 80% is for the bungalow owner.

He is happy about this service till one day…

John ‘what happened?’

Samuel ‘some news paper are claiming that we are providing bad quality. food is stale and so 2on’

John ‘I guess some competitor of ours’

Samuel ‘I suggest let us have Ashrams designed for various disciplines’

John ‘Didn’t get it?’

Samuel ‘Health Ashrams, Logistic Ashrams, Entertainment Ashrams’

John ‘wow this is a great idea’

Samuel ‘we need to make people relax and work.. so the Ashram will have strict discipline as well as relaxation,. only 6 hours of work, 2 hours of exercise, 2 hours of prayers, 2 hours of meditation and 2 hours of innovation learning session. and 2 hours of mid noon sleep and 8 hours of night sleep. Guys and girls only if they have valid marriage proof, allowed to stay together.

John ‘Sounds interesting…who brings in such ideas in your mind’

Samuel ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK… suggests that if we need to probe and innovate, a disciplined environment is where the venture can get nurtured fully.’

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