Founder and Co Founder Drama

Founder ‘I founded this company with an Idea’

Co Founder ‘I grew the company’

Founder ‘but I got the first investor back the company’

Co Founder ‘I got the first marketing assignment for the company’

Founder ‘why you raking after all these years’

Co Founder ‘i don’t like that lady’

Founder ‘who?’

Co Founder ‘the one who is an investor in VC firm’

Founder smiles

Founder ‘you jealous of her?’

Co Founder ‘if she is in, I am out’

Founder ‘We need money’

Co Founder ‘either she or me’

Founder goes to have a drink in bar

Founder gulps a peg and looks at the bar tender

Founder ‘Am founding one more company related to perils of drinking.. can you be my co founder’

The bar tender is full red and runs off

Co Founder comes to the bar and gulps two three pegs

Co Founder ‘either she or me’

At night 10 pm.. Founder pen’s a thought

‘Does Gender really matter when two souls love each other. Why the jealousy happens. I could be MALE or I could be FEMALE. this thought is universal. If am a man and my co founder is a man so what, if am a lady and co founder is a lady so what, if am a male and co founder is a female, so what.. GENDER EQUALITY demands equal buy in, so should I not respect my co founder.. let me reject the investor as well as the bar tender and be loyal to my Co founder’

One of curious reader who reads this asks ‘but were they male, or female or what?’

A whisper comes ‘Does it really matter? enjoy the drama and keep guessing as love doesn’t need a symbol to herald itself.

After all any social cause awareness can be expressed in multiple ways and here GENDER EQUALITY is the focus of this story’

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