Happy Returns

HAPPY RETURNS are a group of social crusaders who get into society where there is severe social problems and resolve them.

The lead James is an active researcher who decides on the society and the group moves to that society and begin tackling problems.

James, his girl friend Lara, his dearest friend Bob and Bob’s girl friend Monica are part of this group. There are 10 other members..

One such location is Jurasa in farthest location in Pacific Islands where the society has problems of illiteracy, and employment..

James and their group collect funds through crowd funding site and manage to reach Jurasa by a boat. The island has 5000 families.

James ‘it is so beautiful.. but alas look at the kids.. each kid look eager to study..’

Jurasa head Somela questions James

Somela ‘why have you come.. we don’t need education’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘we don’t want this group to leave this island.. it is a rare community.. we have community kitchens, community entertainment.. everything together..’

James ‘why not community education?’

Somela ‘education makes us loose our innocence’

James is shocked by the statement

Somela ‘what we learn.. is not from books but from nature.. Nature teaches us everything.. the rhythm of life’

James ‘so what will you teach us assume you guys don;t want to educate even your kids’

Somela ‘sharing.. we teach you to share…  check on our houses.. no one keeps money individually.. all collect and give it to me.. I decide who needs what..  each person is happy’

James ;but how is it possible in our city’

Somela ‘hence stop worrying about us’

Till then a group of kids snatch away the tablet which James has..

James ‘hey will teach you click photo’s

Somela ‘no pictures allowed here’

James ‘why?’

Somela ‘look at eyes of the kids.. all you see is ocean.. fully flowing.. check in your eye.. what exists.

James ;’right now you’

Lara ‘hey come we have to rush…;

James ‘what happened’

Lara bursts out crying..

Lara ‘bob and his girl friend.. both eaten away’

James is scared

Somela ‘Happy returns group core member dead?’ and begins laughing…

James ‘this is absurd’

Somela ‘relax buddy.. no one has eaten your friends.. it is a rumor out in world, we eat humans.. but actually’

Till then Bob and his girl friend come well dressed

James ‘what is this?’

Somela ‘in this island boy-girl friends not allowed.. only marriage’

Somela ‘both of you get ready too’

Somela marries both the couples off

Somela ‘Marriage is an institution meant for binding two people..  it is a commitment.. We teach commitment’

James ‘we will stay with all of you for few days. we too want to give back something to this island’

Somela ‘what?’

James ‘education.. so please now as we listened to you.. let us share what we have’

Next day onwards each person in that island begin learning elementary education..

10 years latter

James ‘what a weird island it was.. it still gives me shock waves.. we got married there.. the folks learnt zealously and at end of that education, nearly 200 kids offered to be with us’

Bob ‘and today they are starting an industry in that island’

Lara ‘and I am the CEO of that group’

Maria ‘and me the CFO’

Bob ‘never knew life could give opportunities even in a nomad island’

James ‘all of them are members of Happy RETURNS’ today.

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