Little Peg Little Peg

Dancing all the way

Splashes of Wine

Prancing all the way

Little Peg little Peg

who can forget you

as you are the source

when all go wrong

when happiness comes in

so much that  Rob

has named his bungalow PEG

He is into business of glass making and confirmed Booze Lover.

No one can come between his pegs and himself during night time as he enjoys the peg prancing all the way.

One day..

Rob ‘my lower abdomen paining’

Rob’s wife Sona takes him to hospital

2 days latter

Doctor ‘Maximum 6 months.. let him do whatever he wishes to.. Liver fully affected’

Rob ‘little peg little peg prancing all around, moving me to heaven.. with booze in my mouth’

Doctor begins laughing…

Sona has tears in eyes

Doctor ‘why this addiction?’

Rob ‘Never knew how it happened. My father wanted to start a liquor business. so he would have those small little glasses with all type of wine and I became a taste bud for him.. so..’

Doctor and Sona look surprised

Rob ‘Addiction comes when small things become a habit.. a necessity.. and then.. ‘

Doctor ‘what?’

Rob ‘Little Peg Little Peg.. gulping all the way…night becomes day and day becomes night.. the smell of liquor, day begins and ends with liquor…’

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