Fry day

A horrible hot seat in which Maria is..  She fears Friday. Though individuals chill pill but not here with this VC group which aggressively tracks all entrepreneurs and review results with the VC Chief Investment Officer Maria

Investor Paul ‘this retail company is in big loss and we keep putting funds.. when will this sell off’

Maria ‘we are trying.. trying to reach to US$1Billion. We will soon pressurize them’

Investor Ram ‘All these cold deals.. Maria incorrect sourcing landed us to a problem’

Maria ‘the entrepreneurs will be coming soon to update you with status’

2 hours latter

All the non performing entrepreneurs bought to a conference room

Paul ‘do you guys realize how we break even..  either sell or run.. don’t be mediocre performers’

One entrepreneur is shivering

Maria ‘what happened to you?’

Entrepreneur Jackson ‘I feel for next 2 years too we may not breakeven.. your advisor and board director harass us’

Paul ‘why?’

Jackson ‘if we are supposed to perform on pressures of VC.. where is the freedom?’

All burst out laughing

Paul ‘BOSS.. REALIZE IF YOU GO TO BANK, YOU TAKE DEBT LOAN AND AN ANNUAL INTEREST LEVIED. HERE YOU ARE TAKING EQUITY LOAN. It means you are supposed to earn each share through hard work.. Nothing comes free. Stop thinking like employees and go back now.. you are Entrepreneurs.. don’t try to become employees and feel we should be helping you grow your companies. we are there to invest and connect you to right people.. It is you who are supposed to work’

All get silent…

After the meeting..

one of the entrepreneur Amit whispers to his other friend

Amit ‘Did you watch the latest movie.. let us go and watch. Enough of all this at least on weekend’

Friend Samuel ‘It is FRYDAY and not FRIDAY..’

Amit ‘Hence I keep wondering what is PASSION FRAMEWORK BLOG all about.. Is it scare us off or is to guide us’

Samuel ‘It is pure entertainment. draw the nuances and learn self.. Don’t assume it would really happen and if it indeed happens.. you know they already told you.. EDU Entertainment’

Paul walks in..

Paul ‘guys sorry for being harsh.. but please work.. Am in pressure.. I have to become an entrepreneur if I loose all money’

As Paul rushes to loo

Samuel burs laughing

Amit ‘this is the problem which we too will land in one day..  we feel it is ENTREPRENEUR FRY DAY.. I FEEL INVESTORS FRY DAY too’

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