Morris wants to start a global business. He is an Indian Citizen because his father Hari married Julie and Hari had great desire for Morris to be born in Indian Country.

Morris did his schooling in India and he conceives an idea to give global visa’s to Asian Citizens

Morris sets up an office in Saudi Arabia where he provides resources job opportunities.

Morris ‘do you know if a resource works continuously for 6 years. it is much easy for visa issues from middle east rather then other countries’

His fiance Saira smiles and says ‘hence you married a Dubai citizen’

Morris smiles and hugs Saira

Morris ‘Darling.. this business is bound to flourish.. we have become experts in immigration’

Saira ‘how you plan to do it?’

Morris ‘have built over 100 friends through Linked In – locals and am setting satellite office all over’ hence it is easy’


Sam and Rob both aspire to win competition for best up coming startups

Both are co founders of two companies and apply for competition

Sam ‘this is for Europe’

Rob ‘I will never go there.. Have old moments attached. my girlfriend Mary moved back there when I refused to pay attention to her. very possessive she was.. so’

Sam ‘so you wish me to go’

Rob ‘yes’

3 months latter

Rob ‘we have won.. and am supposed to go there right’

Sam ‘yes’

Rob reaches Paris and is put up in a hotel

Rob see’s a very beautiful girl greeting him.. She is one of the guest caretaker’

Rob ‘wow..what is your name’

He hears name Mary

Rob ‘Do you know Sam’

Mary ‘hey common it cannot be co-incidence.. was it planned.. why he put you up here’

Rob ‘not sure.. but I just happen to get attracted to you’

Mary ‘ok let me leave now’

3 days latter

Rob ‘Mary.. if Sam doesn’t mind.. can I propose you.. I feel am right guy for you’

Mary ‘I too find you sober, mature. intelligent’

Rob ‘but now again a competition.. for you?’

Mary ‘common he is out of my life’

2 months latter

Sam see’s an email

“I wish to back out.. I know you would hate me.. but i feel in love with Mary.. so decided to stay put in Europe’

Sam reads the email and smiles

Sam murmurs ‘dear buddy.. you will not know what is true love all about. My plan worked. I got her married to a good person’

Filter Out

Filter out the struggles and what remains are only memories and what is gained is always experiences.

Filter out the memories and what is drained out is only bitter memories and what remains are only pleasant memories.

It is important for people to keep reminding self to forget the bitter past and move to present.

As only present can shape the future.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

5 years latter when Roy visits his office, he finds everything changed. No one shows an interest to meet him also.

Roy remembers his previous years when he used to be happy go lucky guy and was quite famous at work for his punctuality, productivity and efficiency.

Roy meets his colleague Samuel

Samuel ‘great to meet you.. but why you came here’

Roy ‘just to see all of you;

Samuel ‘remember to be connected always with your colleague, friends as out of sight is out of mind’

Roy ‘I agree, it appears i made a mistake of not being connected’

Chums Chaos

A, B, C,D,E,F are great friends. All are having their own business and now want to start something new

A ‘we need to do for sure.. but I will have to continue with consulting, so it would be great if E sits and represents us’

B ‘i agree’

C ‘I too’

D ‘yes it should work’

F ‘I too can be with E full time’

E ‘can we discuss on equity’

B ‘needless to say split equally’

F ‘smart guys.. but E and me will be front ending, leaving our jobs.. what about our regular salary’

C and B look at each other

C ‘i thought we were boot strapping it’

F ‘my dear friend.. boot strapping means leaving all your consulting/ jobs etc and being fully engrossed in the company’

5 days latter

E ‘hey guys.. i and F we are co founding the company and we will put you as advisors’

A,, B, C and D echo ‘best of lucks’


Hammer had a great penchant to invest in stocks.  24th of August 2015, he has lost 2 Million Dollar.

What triggers such low sentiments. He is sitting harassed and drinking beer.

His friend Rob visits the Bar.

Rob ‘chill pill.. it will rise again’

Hammer ‘I guess with the money lost, I should have open a corpus fund for promoting startups’

Rob ‘relax.. take it easy..

Hammer ‘bond increases, god too fine a bit ups and downs.. but look at DOW’s industrial average… you will see the growth story’

Rob smiles

Rob ‘don’t be so sarcastic’

Hammer ‘My father a great industrialist named me Hammer because of his loves for instruments and felt Industry needs Hammering continuously’

Rob ‘what next?

Hammer ‘I want to promote industrialization.. will open a venture funding for that’

Rob ‘are you kidding?  no one touches factory projects. Banks do that’

Hammer ‘Unless core industries don’t perform well. how can any one invest just in 2 to 50 page websites selling goods or services.. do you feel ecommerce will happen the way it is when lay off’s begin’

Rob is silent

Hammer ‘Am determined to promote core industries’

Rob ‘eroded turnovers, scams and corruption saddles such industries’

Hammer ‘Foreign exchange reserves..  what level are right for such countries? What opportunities get lost?

Rob ‘the developing countries are too saddled with dependencies on external resources.  deficient business leadership, infrastructure,  unskilled manpower, inadequate domestic monetary reserves, deficiencies in judiciary system, inadequate capacity building and dis-interested people coupled with unethical practices and uncertain weather conditions. Education costs too a factor’

Hammer ‘yes in name of industrialization, environment got eroded over period of time.. It is sad’

Just then heavy shower comes in..

Hammer ‘weather reminds us that soon happy days will come too. Let us attempt this Rob.. Let us talk to the developed country ambassadors on reserve baselines. I know an influential economist who can influence folks’

Rob ‘who is it?’

Hammer ‘nothing much..will send appeals to finance ministers of all countries. one is through media, press release and then…’

Rob ‘you will get hammered’ and begins laughing

Hammer gulps the beer and returns back to his car to return back home

Pause your Life once in a While

Pause your life once in a while

Live your life way you wish once in a while.

Why be in rat race, if we are not a rat

Why be in cat fights, if we are not a cat

Why be in street fights, if we are not a goon

Why be in politics, if we are not a politician

Pause your life once in a while

The fresh breeze of air

The soft brown mud waits for you

Enjoy those walks and stop worrying about life

once in a while

Enjoy those moments once in while

busy birds as we are, life is not a train

which necessarily moves to one destination,

our soul and speed of thought moves

faster then what we really do

so pause a life once in a while

and then move in life the way you wish

Life doesn’t create fuss

we create fuss with our own lives.