Scam Busters

XORA is an entrepreneur in remote Ghana who feels Africa should first attempt to revamp self by coming out of those scam rackets.

Xora wonders how it can be done…

One day Xora comes across a bright hacker Zomil.

Zomil ‘what is the deal?’

Xora ‘all IP addresses coming from my location needs to be scanned for potential scam messages and if it exists,, just delete’

Zomil ‘but this is unethical’

Xora ‘ok.. maintain a log file of all such emails and let us do a cluster analysis after a month’

One month latter

Zomil ‘100000 scam messages’

Xora ‘ok can get a good algorithm guy to make cluster analysis on IP address’

Zomil ‘Raja from Mumbai.. is an expert.. he can do it’

1 month latter

Xora ‘what is the outcome’

Zomil ‘Africa could be early players but this has spread even in US. Most of the Scam racket these days is not of president death etc, but now it is also at investment level, network marketing level and almost each country affected’

Raja ‘and do you know what, in India many are now sending similar emails like Africa and perceptions have come that email scams from Africa’

Zomil ‘ is there a way to log SCAMS’

Xora ‘very tough as SCAMS come up unintentional. it is like virus.. and then corruption sets in’

Xora ‘guys thanks for building traction.. Now my startup SCAMBUSTERS would get into crux of all such issues and we will go deeply to map the guys and tie up with police’

Zomil ‘dangerous game’

Xora ‘do you know in Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, security needs come in.. Our business runs in that space’

Just then an email is received by Xora

‘Welcome to this network of removing Scams. ¬†Patience should be your virtue.. One of your IP addresses have got hacked by inter pol and they are now out to support you in this’

Xora ‘this email is again from a trickster..trace the roots’

5 days latter

Zomil ‘London.. Indeed from Inter Pol

Xora ‘never knew my project would get high profile so soon..’

Zomil ‘but never going to be publicized ever’

Xora ‘yes many entrepreneurs never come out in open.. they do projects and are successful too but low profile’

Zomil ‘Scam Busters will rock soon’

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