Lovely is a  Mango tree which is planted by Joe and his wife Mary in his sprawling farm. She has many trees’s as her company.

Her life began when Mary had an abortion.

Doctor ‘She cannot conceive ever again’

Joe is in tears.. Mary slowly reconciles to her fate..

Mary ‘Joe.. can we plant a sapling.. we will treat her like our daughter’

Soon enough Mary and Joe plan the saplings..

Lovingly they water it, ensure it is free from insects and take utmost care of her..

Her friend Susan visits them

Susan ‘you could have adopted a kid or even a pet.. why a plant?’

Mary ‘as only tree gives everything back to nature..  everything in positive way’

Susan ‘oh I see’

Mary ‘see those kids playing around her.. she is now 7 years.. growing so well’

Susan smiles..

Mary ‘every year she gives so many fruits.. and it is given to all our neighbors. we don’t sell them’

Susan smiles back again..

Mary ‘do you know her leaves.. we use it also to decorate our houses.. she is a contributor.. giving fresh air to us’

10 years latter…

A big axe falls on one of her branches..

Lovely is surprised.. who is it?

It is Joe’s elder brother..  Joe has suffered a major heart attack and family disputes..

Joe’s brother Rob has decided to cut LOVELY

Mary ‘please stop it.. she is my daughter.. she is the only one who contributes to us..  you can take whatsoever you wish as you have paid for all hospital bills.. but that piece of land in which LOVELY is.. I will fight tooth and nail..  dare you cut her..

will put a stay order.. No one can cut grown plants’

Rob mock smiles ‘go ahead and stop it.. I will get forest officer permission’


Rob is surprised. Advocates to surprised..

Mary manages to get stay order for 10 years..

Mary hugs Lovely.. and has tears in her eyes

Lovely gets emotional.. first time she feels helpless.. a tree which cannot speak, cannot move.. but.. ‘

Mary ‘hey lovely.. you are my pillar.. so be with me always.. don’t feel helpless as you are our caretaker..

we depend on you, your fruits.. everything is gone.. only you are our own. I am proud I have you as my daughter.. human may forget to pay back to their parents but you never once disobeyed us.. feel extremely proud of you’

Lovely is happy with this care and attention

Mary is eating a delicious mango from Lovely’s branch.

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