Odd Innovation

Rocky survived his entire life doing odd jobs. Ever since his child hood he would pick up odd jobs

‘laundry service’

‘canteen service’



Of late he has seen a growing number of web sites where he gets to see multiple such requests.. He is happy that odd jobs are in demand..

One day he gets a call from an Individual Harry

Harry ‘Do you have a data base of odd job service providers’

Rocky ‘any one can give you.. why me?’

Harry ‘I know you have this habit of maintaining contact base since your childhood and realized you have 1 million such records’

Rocky smiles..

Harry ‘please come over let us discuss’

Soon Harry explains a portal which will have Rocky too as founder..

Rocky ‘why do any e-commerce ventures succeed?’

Harry ‘pain point areas… ¬† anyone needs a plumber, electrician and so on’

Rocky ‘one of the pain point am solving now.. is snow removing association’

Harry ‘wow’

Rocky ‘have team of 3000 specialists.. and…’

Harry ‘let us stop our early e-commerce venture on multiple odd jobs.. only snow removing specialists’

Rocky smiles..

Harry ‘i know you are an expert in such things.. did detailed research..so when we launch’

Rocky ‘let it snow heavily.. this time we will remove snow only in US$1 per hour’

Harry ‘this is a kill’

Harry ‘but who will agree for such lower rates?’

Rocky ‘am working on a technology to melt snow through solar energy so……’

Harry ‘hey you.. you keep giving some idea once I almost decide to invest on something else.. Now I find this idea better’

Rocky ‘Sir.. most of investors look at only 1 side of story.. returns on investment, profitability.. learn to look at individuals who are talented and invest in them.. they will create multiple projects for you.. I also used to study electronics while doing odd jobs.. so..’

Harry ‘yes.. of no use is this valuation game, if we cannot value individuals with right talent and promote them.. who knows that innovation could be a break through.. I will invest in you for not 1 project but all your projects..’

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