Taboo is a joint where individuals can break all rules and do what they wish. The LA police has been struggling with Taboo Founder James but high influences compel Taboo to be one of the most popular joint.

One day Celebrity Rock visits Taboo. A huge rush moves over to see him and before Rock realizes he is suffocating with the girls pouncing over him.

Somehow he manages to rush back and return home..

At home he begins writing a small episode

:Never knew the crowd ecstasy to break rules and unleash themselves in such weird ways.. Could see few mock fighting, few playing police-robber games few mock hitting, few mock abusing few just being together..  With an entry fee as high as US$1000, only ones who could afford could come in. Is there a need for Taboo Joint?  Will it reduce real crime rates where the wicked element of an individual would get unleashed in some joint? What kind of weird business is this?.  We entertainers entertain individuals through films / circus / drama’s but in real life so many individuals entertain themselves in weird ways..

Next day he decides to appoint a researcher to go and study the type of individuals getting to Taboo..

After a month he gets an interesting finding

“The ones who break rules are the ones who are suppressed depressed as child and lack space or freedom to unleash their energy. Sometimes for thrill, sometimes because of ancestor wealth, or being kid of a celebrity or politician or influencer a person decides to break rules or is not scared of discipline. Sometimes temptations to get something too easily also makes a person break rules’

The celebrity calls his best friend Robert who is Chief Police Officer and provides the entire research document

Robert “We should correct the System first. Not the individuals as they are part of System. Yes through discipline we can introduce moderation in individuals to reduce indiscipline or violations”

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