My Independence Day

My independence day

to celebrate freedom from job

to celebrate freedom from worries

to forecast growth and prosperity

and rough path ahead

to remind me to be focused

and free from small little operations

and look at big picture of life

Life is a game given to all

Some play by choice

Some by compulsion

Some play for heck of it

Independence day

or any celebrity day

or any relation day

True Independence is

in spirit of voicing

opinion that dear

I have a long way to go

to break from shackles

of  small little worries

which makes me a non risk taker

I have the potential in me

so why not take a pledge

that I will strive to be independent

of bosses and be my own boss

and set an example to other bosses

that I too am one of you but

my style is different

humble gogetter who remains

in your heart and mind to free

you away from mundane day-to-day

jobs and think of self, that you

to could be a hero who will be

acknowledged and rewarded next year

“Buddy wake up.. this is not a dream, a message.. not for me alone, but many who keep wishing that they will do something.. get networked too.. get acquainted too.. strive and meet big wigs too.. but why you are doing all this if you don’t wish to attempt.. Are you going to all those entrepreneur network programs just to get inspired or just to feel good? if not..

start way today.. this moment.. and get motivated to become an Entrepreneur.

the soul in you is waiting for getting the recognition. Awake dear awake

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