Please talk to me…

“Please talk to me.. please talk to me

Am far away from you, you wished me

to be besides you.. please talk to me

will listen to you..  what you talk..

will hear… will not be able to forget your words..

your eyes.. which conveyed silently..

the dreams remained unfilled

why you stopped loving me…

love is only silence..

in this journey of life

what ever you speak.. will hear from you…

Please listen to me.. Please listen to me…”

the days spent with you.. in arms of your

we loved each other so much ..

seasons came and left.. why those moment

we forget now.. please talk to me..

please talk to me….

what you speak.. will reach my heart”

(A lyric translated in parts from a song.. kudos to the singer and lyricist

(All entrepreneurs and individuals who try to maintain long distance relation should make it a point to speak to their beloved at least 15 minutes every day.. how many would agree, that motivation comes from a zeal to do something for our beloved ones)

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