Startup Country

There is a large conference in Pacific Country on Entrepreneurship

Ace Entrepreneur James announces a news

“Each family in pacific ocean country will be getting US$10000 to start a venture’

Rose and her family who is struggling to have their family meet their ends read the news paper

Rose ‘this is an opportunity’

David ‘common are you believing in that news’

Rose ‘I will wish to export false pearl earing’s, necklace and so on’

David ‘common.. i still cannot believe. who will teach us business model

Rose ‘everything is on net’

David ‘so?’

Rose ‘have made these fanciful items.. please go to ALIBABA and put that fro sale

David puts the same..

Surprised after few days

David gets surprised

Rose ”let us take chance.. will open pay pal account and ask them remit to money’

David manages to open a pay pal account

1 month latter Rose has made first transaction. She is happy

Rose ‘we will send Bob our son to good school.. let us apply for that competition’

Rose is surprised to see her venture getting disqualified

Rose ‘not enough traction.. why then he announced so’

David ‘i said so already’

Rose ‘am determined… let us get more orders’

Soon enough Rose gets huge demand…

Rose ‘David… let us begin investing in our fellowmen’

David ‘ok’

Rose becomes an investor in a year’s time

She sends an email to the Ace Entrepreneur

This time she gets reply

“I just showed the way.. have created a 50M$ fund and wanted to check who could head this to promote startups.. you are one of my board member.. congrats’

Rose hugs David

Rose ‘never knew this would happen

David ‘am still reeling in shock’

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