Jackie was a successful educationalist. He had acquired multiple degrees in his life. Still unhappy. His wife Rose had left him when he was doing his research on human psychology and its impact in marketing.

He remembers his conversation with his wife

Rose ‘of what use are ornaments if the closest one do not understand those values’

Jackie ‘means?’

Rose ‘you are imbalanced. you never care for your family.. you never participate in any family functions.. you get happy when you get an award. I have everything with me but you’

Jackie ‘the problem with ornaments is that the more one wears it begins pricking the heart and then one gets used to those pricks and are happy putting them’

Rose ‘come out of this and look at the animals and birds.. no education.. but they too survive’

Jackie ‘i cannot change self’

Rose ‘am separating out and going back to Australia and be in those greenery’

Jackie ‘so you wish to lead your own life’

Rose ‘yes’

5 years latter Jackie is shaken again..

Jackie has got the best literate award and is going to be part of a huge education VC fund..

Jackie is called to give a speech

Jackie ‘all ornaments are of use only if it contributes to glory of others.. else it is self glorification.  I got over 200 degrees. But of no use if i cannot share my knowledge with others. my wife told me an important lesson that nature is the best education provider.. This fund house will be for causes of unique education innovation ‘

The VC founder Charles smiles and reciprocates ‘I saw Jackie’s dedication in learning but realized that it is absolutely of no use if a research is not reached out to commercialization or gives clue to another research. This fund is for commercialization of research.. One of its kind in world;’

Jackie ‘and do you know what.. who will be one of the decision maker’

VC Found Charles ‘it is his wife Rose.. we have bought in practicality to academics. She is not too learned.. but has been closer to nature.. we want to take her insights’

Rose ‘I left Jackie and realized that again I too was clamoring for ornaments – Attracted to nature. got addicted to traveling and it became a quest sort out to see new places.. i realized each person has some addiction, some weakness. Why not adjust and accept those and make relationship stronger’

Rose hugs Jackie

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