Chums Chaos

A, B, C,D,E,F are great friends. All are having their own business and now want to start something new

A ‘we need to do for sure.. but I will have to continue with consulting, so it would be great if E sits and represents us’

B ‘i agree’

C ‘I too’

D ‘yes it should work’

F ‘I too can be with E full time’

E ‘can we discuss on equity’

B ‘needless to say split equally’

F ‘smart guys.. but E and me will be front ending, leaving our jobs.. what about our regular salary’

C and B look at each other

C ‘i thought we were boot strapping it’

F ‘my dear friend.. boot strapping means leaving all your consulting/ jobs etc and being fully engrossed in the company’

5 days latter

E ‘hey guys.. i and F we are co founding the company and we will put you as advisors’

A,, B, C and D echo ‘best of lucks’

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