Sam and Rob both aspire to win competition for best up coming startups

Both are co founders of two companies and apply for competition

Sam ‘this is for Europe’

Rob ‘I will never go there.. Have old moments attached. my girlfriend Mary moved back there when I refused to pay attention to her. very possessive she was.. so’

Sam ‘so you wish me to go’

Rob ‘yes’

3 months latter

Rob ‘we have won.. and am supposed to go there right’

Sam ‘yes’

Rob reaches Paris and is put up in a hotel

Rob see’s a very beautiful girl greeting him.. She is one of the guest caretaker’

Rob ‘wow..what is your name’

He hears name Mary

Rob ‘Do you know Sam’

Mary ‘hey common it cannot be co-incidence.. was it planned.. why he put you up here’

Rob ‘not sure.. but I just happen to get attracted to you’

Mary ‘ok let me leave now’

3 days latter

Rob ‘Mary.. if Sam doesn’t mind.. can I propose you.. I feel am right guy for you’

Mary ‘I too find you sober, mature. intelligent’

Rob ‘but now again a competition.. for you?’

Mary ‘common he is out of my life’

2 months latter

Sam see’s an email

“I wish to back out.. I know you would hate me.. but i feel in love with Mary.. so decided to stay put in Europe’

Sam reads the email and smiles

Sam murmurs ‘dear buddy.. you will not know what is true love all about. My plan worked. I got her married to a good person’

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