Morris wants to start a global business. He is an Indian Citizen because his father Hari married Julie and Hari had great desire for Morris to be born in Indian Country.

Morris did his schooling in India and he conceives an idea to give global visa’s to Asian Citizens

Morris sets up an office in Saudi Arabia where he provides resources job opportunities.

Morris ‘do you know if a resource works continuously for 6 years. it is much easy for visa issues from middle east rather then other countries’

His fiance Saira smiles and says ‘hence you married a Dubai citizen’

Morris smiles and hugs Saira

Morris ‘Darling.. this business is bound to flourish.. we have become experts in immigration’

Saira ‘how you plan to do it?’

Morris ‘have built over 100 friends through Linked In – locals and am setting satellite office all over’ hence it is easy’

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